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Reading and Listening Exercise, Expressing Opinions


This Free Online English Lesson is a reading and listening exercise in which you will have to scan the text to look for something out of the ordinary. After you have done this, you will be presented a video (listening exercise) reaction to the text and then you will be guided through some steps until you are able to express your opinion on the subject.


Here we go


When I have to buy something I often surf the Internet and look for product reviews so I can choose the best product to suit my needs. Sometimes I just look for it without reading people’s opinions, in those cases I try to find the product or service. In the case of Free English Classes or Free Online English Lessons you came here, just like I land on so many product pages. I bet you have been to several sites and found interesting stuff to read and do, or just bounced off until you found something that caught your eye.

The last thing that caught my eye was an article about some unusual things advertised on a recognized portal

What if we try to look for it together in the following image?




Did you find anything unusual being sold?

What about here?






Or here?





What are they selling?


a) It’s an outlet and they are selling faulty pregnancy tests

b) It’s a scam, they are selling tricked pregnancy tests

c) It’s a pregnant woman selling pregnancy tests with her urine



See answers below

How do you feel about these ads? Do you agree with what is being sold? Don’t you?


This is the reaction of a Vlogger





Opinionated man huh?



Answer these questions on the previous video


      1. Is he upset with the seller or the buyer?
      2. How does he advise doing pregnancy tests?
      3. How does he say you should ensure the baby is yours?




Please read the following written reactions



“She then tries to get pregnant for real, to keep him (his money) trapped, and if she can’t get pregnant in time, oops, I had a miscarriage, give me sympathy, oh, and money.

This proves a lot, first is obviously that women cannot be trusted, but also that women just do not give a fuck about a man’s feelings, she would crush his feelings without batting an eyelid, so long as she was getting what SHE wanted.

Well spotted, mate, good video.”



“You raise a very valid point. There’s no difference between selling positive pregnancy tests to lying women and selling guns, drugs, and prostitutes to the members of your community. Cigarettes and alcohol are totally legal businesses. The manufacturers are not concerned about your welfare or the consequences of your consumption of their products. It is up to every individual to do the “right” thing. It is unfortunate that many people don’t even know what that is.”


Answer these questions


a) Which opinion supports the commercialization of these pregnancy tests and who condemns it?


b) What is your take on the subject? Please answer in the comment box!





Answers to what are they selling









Answers to video questions

1.  He is upset with both and can’t decide

2.  He advises to go with the woman to take a blood sample to the clinic

3.  Performing a DNA test







Answers to Written reaction comments

a) TheBeautyonDuty doesn’t support it, but she lessens importance by comparing it with other things.

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