Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Exercise

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      • Did you read much when you were a kid? Were you read much?
      • What was your favorite story? Writer? Genre?

I personally used to love tales, because tales refer to a world long forgotten which has much to teach.  The language and content used then will always be valid.

Perrault didn’t really create the stories you learned about, but he compiled them and published what was popular at that time, that’s pobably what we owe him, he made them available to us centuries after his departure.






Let’s work out some meanings before digging in.


Match the words (1-8) with their definitions (a-h)


Matching Exercise

For anwers scroll down a bit


 Answers to Matching Exercise

1d, 2b, 3g, 4e, 5h, 6f, 7c, 8a



 Before you read think of these questions


      1. Was Blue Beard handsome?
      2. Did the woman marry out of love?
      3. Were they happy together?
      4. Did she divorce him or widowed him?


Read the Story below


Download the PDF file .



Answer these questions after reading again


      1. What was Bluebeard’s trade?
      2. How was his lifestyle?
      3. How did they first meet?
      4. What was behind the forbiden door?
      5. How did Bluebeard find out she had opened the door?





      • Bluebeard courted the two daughters at the same time, so he just lay a net and waited for them to fall.  What is your opinion on this?
      • If she was alone in the house when Bluebeard came back, how come there was a sister to inform the brothers?
      • The questions proposed in the PDF file aren’t mine, but raise very valid points, answer them!




Writing task


      • Describe the courting process
      • In your own words, retell the rescue of the woman

2 Responses to “Perrault’s Very Own Womanizer – Vocabulary Reading Exercise”

  1. Pilar Tejero, Reply

    Did really exist Blue Beard? It is believed that Blue Beard is based on the character of Gilles de Rais (1404-1440), who became wealthy after figthing in the 100 years War next to Joan of Arc. But he killed hundreds of children in his castle instead of women.
    Blue Beard is a serial killer and I don’t think it can be considered as a story tale for children. For this reason it became less popular since the 50’s.
    What would have happened if Blue Beard had been a female character? I think her husband hadn’t enter into the room. Definitely men are less curious than women.

    • Sebastian Encina, Reply

      Dear Pilar,

      Thank you for your comment!

      You really did your research on the topic. Many tale characters come from real people’s deeds, which shocked population in their time. Take for example Dracula or Sinterklaas (Santa Claus), who were real people and their characters deformed into what we know of them now.

      Blue Beard was a serial killer, yes, but so was the witch in Hansel and Gretel. The Pied Piper was scammed by the town council and became a mass kidnapper. What do you think the intention behind these tales are? Why scare children just before bedtime?

      If Blue Beard had been a woman, they would have called him the Black Widow. The forbiden room may just have been an excuse to procede, or maybe a teaching similar to “Curiosity Killed the Cat”. Don’t you think?

      Do you really think men are less curious than women? My mum says otherwise!

      Anyway, if you liked this post, you might also like thi post

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