This Listening Exercise will introduce you to the world of Strategy Board Games, so please pay lots of attention to the instructions and remember to leave comments!


Let’s begin with some questions to warm you up

Answer these questions about board games


a)   What’s your favorite board game?

b)   When was the last time you played?

c)   Does everybody play it by the same rules?

d)   What’s your game currency?


In order to speak the same language, I’d like you to go through these words to ensure you understand what we’re talking about

Review the following language








 Think of these questions during the listening


      1. How many stages does the game have?
      2. What’s the goal of the game?
      3. What’s the currency of the game?


Watch the video and answer the previous questions



Answer True (T) or False (F)


      1. When advancing, territories can be left empty
      2. When players roll equal numbered dice, the defender has advantage
      3. Players can draw cards from the deck without conquering territories
      4. You can only attack adjacent territories
      5. Players can attack as many times as desired and decide to retreat when necessary


 Watch the video again and answer the following questions

a)  How many people can play?

b)  How do you know what territories you start in?

c)  What are the different figures worth? How do you call each of them?

d) How many dice can you attack with if attacking a territory with 2 infantry troops? and how many can you advance if you win?


Writing task, answer in the comment box


      1. How can you invade a territory?
      2. Who wins the game?
      3. How can you get more reinforcements per turn?


More information about Risk can be found here:


Basic information




Hardcore gamer information

See you next time!

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