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For the first online lesson, I’d like to talk about something most people like; the subject of this is food.  To start interaction you may leave your comments answering to the questions to be found under these lines.  Another way to participate in the lessons would be to propose new subjects to work on.

I hope you find this useful and keep on visiting us.

making gluten free pancakes for a friend

One of my hobbies is cooking, I don´t really know when it started, but I always find myself looking about for new recipes and tastes.  So, to warm up I’d like you to think about these 4 questions, there’s no need to write the answers.

Can you name 3 renown cooks?


Here are mine:  Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith

Which of these is your favorite? The angriest, the funniest, the most traditional?

Did you know Jamie Oliver has a show called 30 minute cooking?

Why do you think he came with the idea of doing a TV show and write books for quick meals?


If you answered that no one has time on an everyday basis, then we’re speaking the same language here!


Well, let’s watch this together so we can answer come questions

Read the following questions


  1. Who is 30-minute meals targeted to?
  2. What does it portray, how to cook meals or how to cook dishes?
  3. Could you define “ah haaa” moments?
  4. How many 30-minute meals has Jamie written in his book?
  5. How come he’s drunk on 30-minute meals?
  6. Can you name some of the cooking techniques he talks about (3:09)
  7. Do you have to be a good cook to achieve a good result with the recipes?

Watch this video:



Done?  Alright, now I’d like you to watch it again just to make sure you get more of the content and are able to work on the previous questions.

Please answer by email or in the comment box


Thank you for your effort, we’ll see each other next week!


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