This informative exercise will provide opportunity for you to get acquainted with some vocabulary worth reviewing, especially when you have teenagers around.

How Deodorants work – Listening Activity

Nothing like sitting on the metro or your regular bus and having a stinky pre-teen sitting next to you to make you love your day. Now that summer is gone and the temperatures are dropping people are wearing more layers, but something tells me something else is changing; their washing habits.

In all, we all have had our days, be it because you were developing, because you changed places or even just because. You and I know, given the time, we all stink.

Do you know why our armpits stink?
Where does that odor come from?

The following video will put an end to these ever present questions.


Watch the following video



Answer the questions about the text


What is the video about?

a) why we smell
b) the evils of aluminium componds
c) deodorants are bad for you
d) don’t use deodorants
e) working mechanisms of deodorants

Do you remember the last time you changed deodorant or the last time you read the label on the one you use?








Answer to what the listening was about

a) and e)



 Watch the video again and answer to these questions


      1. What’s the function of the apocrine glands?
      2. What causes body odor (b.o.)
      3. Name the animals shown in the video that stink
      4. Why do they smell bad?
      5. Is soap good to fight smell?
      6. Why do we produce sweat?
        1. to lose fat
        2. to regulate temperature
        3. to have to go and buy Gatorade and Aquarius
        4. to avoid being hugged
      7. How can we change the way we smell?
      8. Name 3 popular deodorants in your country.  Are they deodorants or antiperspirants?


Answers to the previous questions

      1. They produce sweat
      2. The odor is produced by billions of microorganisms that live on the skin, mostly bacteria that break down the sweat into various acids
      3. Skunk
      4. Marking territory, attracting mates, repel animals or to persuade predators that they are already dead and rotten
      5. No, soap alkalyzes skin and that makes more smell
      6. To regulate temperature
      7. Changing diet and/or doing regular exercise


 Answer in the comment box


You should have heard the way Aluminium compounds help prevent sweat, can you explain it again?


There are opinions that say some of those ingredients are carcinogenic

I’d like you to have a look at the following article, it’s kind of long, but it won’t hurt you to get informed about this.

Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer



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