So, did you watch the first part of the Jamie Oliver video on 30 minute cooking?

Right now I’m traveling through Eastern Europe and found out that the taste of food is a whole lot different to the ones at home (Madrid). It’s not only because of the ingredients they use here, which happen to be varied in quality and kind. Food tastes different because of the cooking techniques it goes through.

I was thinking of a few ways to prepare food. Let’s say you write down 5 different cooking techniques.


Ok then,


Match these dishes (1-7) with the following techniques (a-g).


      1. Beer
      2. Sauerkraut
      3. Pasta
      4. Smoked Salmon
      5. Goulash
      6. Lasagna
      7. Wok


a) brew

b) boil

c) stir-fry

d) stew

e) bake

f) fermentation

g) smoke


Check your answers at the end of the lesson



Answer these quick questions,


    1. Do you boil smoked salmon?
    2. Can you stew pasta?
    3. Can you bake wok food?
    4. Do you ferment sauerkraut?
    5. Do you stir-fry goulash?
    6. What technique is used to make beer?


Please check below for answers


Now we’re going to watch a video on how to prepare one of my very favorite meals of all times. Please note that this video has no audio and that instructions are written as in subtitles.


You may want to look for the words sear, dice, drain and simmer


Watch this video



Answer these 2 questions


  1. Write the order of actions on the video. (what processes have to be done?)
  2. What did the granma say about wine for cooking?


Feel free to send pictures of your own goulash. They will be published on our site!


After this, you should be able to write down the recipe for your own favorite dish. After you do this you can send us your writing via email or via comment on this post.





Answers to matching exercise

1a, 2f, 3b, 4g, 5d, 6e, 7c


Answers to Quick questions

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
  4. Yes
  5. No
  6. Fermentation

Answers to 2 writing questions


  1. Cut, wash, sprinkle and toss meat, peel and chop onions, heat oil, sear meat, peel and dice potatoes, Slice carrots, cover with cold water and drain when needed,  Add seasoning, wine, water to keep moist, reduce heat and add vegetables.
  2. For cooking you should only use wine you would drink for enjoyment and not wines labeled as “for cooking”

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