Vocabulary and Listening Exercises

This lesson gives you an introduction to vocabulary you may not know and shows you a video where you have to find the answers to some questions given.



Vocabulary before you watch

Guess the meaning of the words in blue from the sentences that you will hear in the video

What does camouflage mean? After you think of the answer, please find who’s camouflaged and watching you by clicking on the word in blue

“so to speak prompting it to go from camouflage to a startled defense blanching white very quickly and then eating him”



“they have a few tricks at their disposal octopus and cuttlefish can change their skin texture



“Hanlon analyzed this video frame by frame but he can’t tell you why you don’t see the animal”


Close up

“what you’re seeing here these are super close-up images”


What’s a Cephalopod?




Read the questions under the video and answer them after listening to the video



Answer these questions about the listening


      1. Where was Dr. Hanlon diving?
      2. How deep had he been diving?
      3. Name 3 kinds of cephalopods
      4. How do they match skin? By sight or by touch?
      5. Up to how many times can chromatophores expand?
      6. Do chromatophores stop working at any time?
      7. Do scientists know why these patterns work?







Continue scrolling down for answers and more activities!







Answers to questions about the video


      1. In the caribbean
      2. 5ft
      3. squid, octopus and cuttlefish
      4. By sight
      5. Up to 15 times
      6. No, they never rest
      7. No, but they are studying it



Answer these questions in the comment box

Remember to use the vocabulary learned previously!

      1. Why do Cephalopods camouflage?
      2. Name other animals that camouflage
      3. Can you relate an experience you had with a camouflaged animal?


Thank you for participating, I hope you see you again soon!

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