August, 4, 2013. 14:38 PM
Getting started...
August, 12, 2013. 07:48 AM
First Online Lesson - Food
August, 12, 2013. 19:22 PM
What to do on the first lesson?
August, 22, 2013. 08:44 AM
Cooking vocabulary
August, 25, 2013. 19:46 PM
Get to know your students from the day one
August, 27, 2013. 22:14 PM
Skeleton Seas - Vocabulary and Listening English Lesson and Gapfill Exercise
September, 3, 2013. 20:14 PM
Unusual items for sale Reading and Listening, Expressing Opinions
September, 3, 2013. 20:19 PM
What is a good lesson?
September, 9, 2013. 13:17 PM
North American Folklore, all great heroes, meet Paul Bunyan, reading and listening exercise
September, 19, 2013. 19:35 PM
Why this and not that; setting the aims when planning your ESL lessons
September, 22, 2013. 22:40 PM
Folklore and Disney - Vocabulary, Reading and Expressing Opinions Free Online Lesson
October, 1, 2013. 12:44 PM
How to deal with lack of focus, time and participation when teaching English to adults
October, 6, 2013. 21:59 PM
A Marine Biologist's Dream, Free Vocabulary and Listening Activity
October, 8, 2013. 11:11 AM
The keyword method in vocabulary teaching
October, 19, 2013. 23:38 PM
Carlsberg's Bet Paid Off - Vocabulary Reading Exercise

About how Carlsberg Brewery got to be great Reading for Gist, Detail with Vocabulary Exercise Carlsberg beer seems to have closed a fine deal with a notorious scientist in sponsoring his love for brew. But, wh ...

October, 20, 2013. 23:20 PM
Teaching PPT, Presentation Skills to ESL Students
October, 29, 2013. 11:47 AM
Dude, You Stink! How Deodorants Work - Free Online Listening Activity
November, 2, 2013. 22:42 PM
Help your adult ESL students overcome stress and anxiety in English Class
November, 13, 2013. 23:06 PM
Finn MacCool - Reading, Listening, Discussion Free Online Lesson
November, 24, 2013. 23:11 PM
Exam skills part 1: listening FCE
December, 8, 2013. 20:43 PM
What Fashion Industry Cannot Do Without - Listening Exercise

This lesson guides you through the history of clothing items taken for granted. You will be presented with vocabulary you should review previous to continuing into or, according to your own judgement,res ...

January, 22, 2014. 19:04 PM
Good Fun with Board Game Risk - Listening Exercise
February, 25, 2014. 13:19 PM
Perrault's Very Own Womanizer - Vocabulary Reading Exercise

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Exercise For a better reading experience please maximize your window. Did you read much when you were a kid? Were you read much? What was your favorite story? Writer? ...

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